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Last night I checked my voicemail and heard a message that started with garbled static and ended with “… we’d like to give you one thousand dollars!” Of course I called them straight back. “Hi, I have no idea who I’m talking to, but apparently you’d like to give me a thousand dollars?”

It turns out that Growstuff is the latest recipient of a no-strings-attached Awesome Foundation grant from Awesome Melbourne. They offered to deposit it in Growstuff’s bank account or hand it to me in cold hard cash, but assured me that whichever I choose (spoiler: it’ll be the boring but sensible bank account) there’ll still be an opportunity to get photos of them presenting me with a humorously oversized cheque. I’ll be sure to post the evidence here when that happens.

Thanks to all our volunteers and members who helped get this far, and who continue to be awesome every day!


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