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Yipe, it's been a while since I posted an update here. Apologies. I've put it on a todo list so I'll remember to do it more often in future. In the meantime, if you want to keep up with the day-to-day workings of the project, once again I will remind you about our mailing list, which you can subscribe to at http://lists.growstuff.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss. It'll send a confirmation message to make sure you want to subscribe. Some people have found this ends up in a spam folder (especially on GMail) so if you think you subscribed but aren't getting anything, check there.

Anyway, news!

We are now starting iteration 4. We've switched to Pivotal Tracker for our project tracking, and you can see what we're working on at http://tracker.growstuff.org/ We're also recruiting developers for this iteration, so if you want to work on code and stuff (and yes, we'll teach you!) you can find the details here: http://lists.growstuff.org/pipermail/discuss/2012-November/000469.html

If you'd like to see what we've done so far, our dev website is up and running at http://dev.growstuff.org/ You can actually sign up for an account if you are so inclined, but be warned it is very sketchy at present and doesn't do much. That will change soon!

If you want to point people at a site for general information about the project, we've recently changed http://growstuff.org/ to point to our wiki, which has an increasing amount of information about the project. Please spread that link far and wide!

We've also decided to run weekly gatherings on IRC for everyone to get together and talk about the project and generally get to know each other. They're not compulsory or anything, but since IRC presence tends to be a bit intermittent and timezone-dependent, it seemed like a good idea to have one time in the week when more or us will make an effort to be there at the same time. Details here: http://lists.growstuff.org/pipermail/discuss/2012-November/000468.html

Finally, there's been some discussion about the terminology we want to use for people who use the Growstuff website. You can see a mailing list thread about it here: http://lists.growstuff.org/pipermail/discuss/2012-November/000470.html (click "next message" a few times to see the whole thread, or go up to http://lists.growstuff.org/pipermail/discuss/2012-November/thread.html to browse via the thread index). In short, the following terms have been vetoed:

* "users" (has a slightly dismissive/negative feel to it, also technical conflict with underlying software)
* "customers" (too corporate smarmy)
* "people" (doesn't allow for accounts held by groups/orgs/etc)

The current preferred suggestions are:

* "members"
* "growers"
* "gardeners"

This terminology would be used in our URL structure, for instance /whatever/ would point to a page where you can search for people using the site and see who's recently joined or active or whatever, and each account would have a page /whatever/name, eg. /members/Skud or /growers/Skud or /gardeners/Skud.

So, quick poll!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 21

What do you think we should call those who use Growstuff?

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8 (38.1%)

7 (33.3%)

6 (28.6%)

other (I'll comment below)
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I don't think people who are anonymous (i.e. not logged in to Dreamwidth) can vote, so if that's you then you can either sign in with OpenID, or just leave a comment below.
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Just wanted to let everyone know some good news for iteration 1. You will recall that our stories for this iteration were:

4: Dev website
6: Signup/login
13: Attractively styled
14: Footer links
15: Description on dev website
16: Self-hosted wiki

It's now Wednesday, about 10 days after coding work started, and about 4 days til it ends on the weekend. At this point, we have the following tasks completed and merged into our dev branch:

6: Signup/login
13: Attractively styled
14: Footer links
15: Description on dev website

Thanks to [personal profile] cesy, [personal profile] randomling, and [personal profile] pozorvlak for their work on these.

[personal profile] juliet and I have been working on the dev site deployment story (#4). It has progressed a lot -- a BIG lot -- but we're not quite there yet. However, I'm starting to feel reasonably good about us maybe getting there soon. Fingers crossed.

That leaves the self-hosted wiki, which was a bit of a stretch goal, but we might get lucky there.

In addition to this, we've had some excellent work on infrastructure:

- [personal profile] randomling's helped us get a hosted hack server set up (for those who can't develop rails apps on their own machines, or want an easier way to get started -- more on this next iteration)
- [personal profile] pozorvlak and [personal profile] cesy have got us using use HAML (a preprocessor that makes writing views easier/less verbose)
- [personal profile] pozorvlak has set up continuous integration using spork (which I have yet to test and respond to the pull request, but it's looking good from what I can see.

So, this is all looking like excellent progress so far! I think we're going to get most if not all of our stories done for this iteration, as well as lots of good background work, so get ready to give yourselves a pat on the back for that come the end of the iteration.


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