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Just wanted to let everyone know some good news for iteration 1. You will recall that our stories for this iteration were:

4: Dev website
6: Signup/login
13: Attractively styled
14: Footer links
15: Description on dev website
16: Self-hosted wiki

It's now Wednesday, about 10 days after coding work started, and about 4 days til it ends on the weekend. At this point, we have the following tasks completed and merged into our dev branch:

6: Signup/login
13: Attractively styled
14: Footer links
15: Description on dev website

Thanks to [personal profile] cesy, [personal profile] randomling, and [personal profile] pozorvlak for their work on these.

[personal profile] juliet and I have been working on the dev site deployment story (#4). It has progressed a lot -- a BIG lot -- but we're not quite there yet. However, I'm starting to feel reasonably good about us maybe getting there soon. Fingers crossed.

That leaves the self-hosted wiki, which was a bit of a stretch goal, but we might get lucky there.

In addition to this, we've had some excellent work on infrastructure:

- [personal profile] randomling's helped us get a hosted hack server set up (for those who can't develop rails apps on their own machines, or want an easier way to get started -- more on this next iteration)
- [personal profile] pozorvlak and [personal profile] cesy have got us using use HAML (a preprocessor that makes writing views easier/less verbose)
- [personal profile] pozorvlak has set up continuous integration using spork (which I have yet to test and respond to the pull request, but it's looking good from what I can see.

So, this is all looking like excellent progress so far! I think we're going to get most if not all of our stories done for this iteration, as well as lots of good background work, so get ready to give yourselves a pat on the back for that come the end of the iteration.
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And here's the list of stories/pairs for iteration 1:

4: Dev website - [personal profile] skud/[personal profile] juliet - medium
6: Signup/login - [personal profile] cesy/[personal profile] skud - large
13: Attractively styled - [personal profile] randomling/[personal profile] skud - medium
14: Footer links - [personal profile] amianym/[personal profile] shadowspar - small
15: Description on dev website - [personal profile] cesy/Miles - small
16: Self-hosted wiki - [personal profile] juliet/[personal profile] skud - medium

You can find more detail on the stories in our issue tracker: https://github.com/Growstuff/project/issues?milestone=3
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Is there anyone who'd like to work on iteration 1, who I haven't yet spoken to about what you might like to work on? Speak now, and tell me what sort of things you're interested in and what timezone you're in, and we'll see if we can match you with a story and someone to pair with.

(Things you might like to work on: rails development, graphic design, wiki/documentation stuff, sysadmin/devops, database schema/structure, probably other things I've forgotten.)
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(copied from the mailing list)

OK, I think we can call iteration 0 closed and move on to iteration 1. Your coaches for this iteration are, once again, me([personal profile] skud) and [personal profile] shadowspar. If you've got any questions or need help with stuff, you can contact us directly or, of course, send something to this list.

So to wrap up iteration 0, here's a summary of tasks completed.

2: twitter account icon - small - 1 point
3: placeholder website - medium - 2 points
5: community guidelines - medium - 2 points

Not completed:

4: dev website -- the coding was all completed and merged, but it didn't get deployed in time so sadly it doesn't count.

So, our velocity was 5 points. I suspect we'll do a little better next iteration!

Here are my suggested tasks for iteration 1:

4: dev website (finish deploying! me and the sysadmins on this I think)

6: signup/login (cesy and I were talking about pairing on this)

13: website should be attractively styled (aka the Zurb Foundation story; I've already agreed to work on this with randomling)

14: footer links on website (anyone want an easy rails task? a good easy/beginner level story)

Additionally: move the wiki to Mediawiki on our own server. (Should this actually be a story? Probably.)

I don't think there are any other stories that are easy enough and have few enough pre-reqs to work on this iteration, but if anyone is already experienced with Rails and/or database design, the crops page might be a good one to take on. Or we could wait til the next iteration, but do some prep work/"spikes" (see: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?ArchitecturalSpike) in the meantime, to figure out how best to go about it.


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