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For those who use the Gregorian calendar, happy new year! And for those who celebrate holidays around this time, I hope you had good ones.

After a slow December, we’re back in top form for 2014, and keen to make Growstuff the a fantastic resource for veggie gardeners worldwide.

Join our online gathering, Wednesday 8th January

We’d love you to join us for a chat on Wednesday the 8th of January, to talk about Growstuff’s plans and directions for 2014. We’ll be doing this as part of our weekly gathering, which is held every Wednesday at a different time (to allow for people in different timezones). This week’s gathering is at noon UTC, aka:

  • Noon on Wednesday, UK time
  • 7am on Wednesday, US east coast time
  • 4am (sorry!) on Wednesday, US west cost time
  • 11pm on Wednesday, Australian east coast time
  • Or find your local time anywhere else in the world.

Our gatherings are held on IRC (a free chat system used by many Growstuff people). If you’re already familiar with IRC, we’re #growstuff on irc.freenode.net; if not, join the chat here… all you have to do is choose a nickname (any short name to identify yourself, such as your Twitter handle or similar) and connect to the #growstuff channel.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

(And if you can’t make it, there’ll be other gatherings in other timezones in future.)

[personal profile] alexbayleaf
Just chatting with [personal profile] aquaprofunda on IM and wanted to drop a copy of our discussion here for future reference. It covers a handful of things (monetisation, development/planning process, and graphic design/UI) at least in a very brief way so if you're interested in any of those take a look.

IM log )

So, I've asked [personal profile] aquaprofunda to put together a static HTML page as described, just so we can put something on our domain once it's up and running. If anyone has (or can find) a gorgeous, high-res image of a food garden to use, feel free to link it in comments. I'll work up a 1-paragraph (preferably 1 sentence) description and post it here for her to use, too.

I told [personal profile] aquaprofunda that I'd discourage bikeshedding. For those who don't know "bikeshedding" in this sort of project is when everyone argues about what colour to paint the bikeshed before it's even built yet, holding up the building process. So since we're just slapping up a placeholder page for now, and want to do it fairly fast, I'd rather not get bogged down in the details. OTOH if you have strong feelings about graphic design, UI, user experience, etc, and want to get involved in that side of the project once we really get up and running, now would be a good time to raise your hand.


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