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One of the things I'm doing to get ready for iteration 0 is to install Ruby on Rails and get it running on my local machine. If any of you are interested in doing code-related stuff for Growstuff, I suggest you do likewise!

I'm no expert in this -- I did it a couple of times over the last 5 years just to play around with but never really went anywhere with it -- so I can't offer any particular help or instructions, apart from what I found via google.

If you use Mac OS/X I've started to collect some links/instructions here: https://github.com/Growstuff/project/wiki/OSX%20Development%20Environment

If others are trying to get up and running on Windows or Linux, I suggest googling for "Install Rails 3.2 on Windows" or "Install Rails 3.2 on Linux" and see what you get (and then post the links in the comments, or add them to the wiki if you are comfortable doing that.)

That said, I am having trouble getting things going on OSX and I was wondering whether anyone with more experience could help me.

trouble compiling Ruby on OSX )

So, anyone know what could be causing this "C compiler cannot create executables" thing? It sounds like a compiler that's lost its raison d'etre, poor thing.

Apart from that, if anyone else is trying to get Rails running and has any tips or questions or problems, please post them in the comments.


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