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Hey everyone,

As part of my application for a government program that will give me some cash to work on Growstuff, I have to demonstrate that people would want to use it.

If you've got 5 mins, could you please take this very quick survey:

If you have another 5 minutes *and* you're likely to be a paid user of Growstuff, could you drop me an email (to, addressing me as "Alex") telling me, in a paragraph or so, that you'd pay for this service and why? For instance: "Dear Alex, I would definitely pay for this! I've been wanting some kind of journal or tracker for my garden for a long time..." (or whatever is appropriate to your situation).

These emails will be included in my application but won't be published anywhere else without your consent.

on 2012-11-23 12:55 am (UTC)
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Survey done. Good luck with your application.


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