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It's been a while since we had much posted here (mostly it's happening either on the mailing list or on Growstuff itself) but I just posted this on my own DW and thought it would be good to repost it here:

So, this happened. Yup, Growstuff is open to the general public! It might look pretty much the same as it did a couple of weeks ago, but the difference is that we finished the things that we said needed to be in place before we publicised it more widely. Those were, basically, the ability to add photos to the things you've planted (which subsequently show up on crops), and a shop/payments system so that people can buy memberships to help support the site.

That is a *major* milestone, and we pushed it out on Thursday night my time, so for the past few days I've been a) keeping an eye on the server, and b) taking a breather over the weekend, which means c) this week is my TELL ALL THE PEOPLE week when I really start promoting it.

So, if you have a vegie garden (or would like one) you should come sign up, and also tell your friends.

Yes, it's still a work in progress, and will always be. We have heaps more things to do, but the next run of features are mostly relatively easy and happy-making ones, so that'll be nice :) Also, if you'd like to learn Rails (or just to code, generally, or would like to help us with testing or whatever) most of the discussion happens on the mailing list. Our next "call for coders" (i.e. raise your hand and say you're interested, and we find someone to show you round) should happen next weekend.


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