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My main task for this iteration (other than coaching) is to come up with a community guidelines document. I've just posted the draft to the mailing list so I'll just copy what I wrote there:

So, I drafted a proposed set of community guidelines. These aren't a full TOS or anything like that, but a short statement of values and then setting out a few specific interpersonal behaviours that aren't welcome, and what we'll do if they happen. I figure that when we get around to having a TOS, we include it by reference, i.e. the TOS will say something like "you agree to abide by our community guidelines".

I've put the document in github and I figure the TOS and any other policies (eg. privacy policy, copyright policy) can go there too. The good thing about having this stuff in github is that if/when we change any of our policies the change history will be visible, and people can see what's different from one version to the next.

Anyway! My draft is at https://github.com/Growstuff/policy/blob/master/community-guidelines.md and I would appreciate people reading it and letting me know what you think. I'm interested in anything ranging from high level conceptual feedback to smaller wording tweaks.

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I like it!

Two things:
* By participating in the Growstuff community (snip parentheses), you need to agree to our general commitment to inclusiveness and mutual respect, as well as to the following specific policies
doesn't really work imo - it would be better as "By participating... you agree" OR "To participate... you need to agree" - the hybrid doesn't work for me.

* the Growstuff [moderators? admins? staff?] may take any action we deem necessary - I would put staff for now, bc that's the clearest yet vaguest of the three. Probably as the orgchart emerges you'll find how you precisely call the people who will be in a position to act upon complaints/reports, but in the meantime, staff seems best to me.


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