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We’re very excited to announce that Growstuff has recently gained an Advisory Board. We’ve brought together an international team of people who are passionate about innovation, community, and helping people grow food. Our advisors have expert knowledge in fields including public health, open data, social enterprise, and online collaboration.

The advisory board will work together to provide strategic vision, help Growstuff connect and work with other relevant organisations, and support the project’s leaders in high-level decisions.

Headshots of eight of the new advisors

Growstuff’s new advisors include:

  • Will Dayble: technology innovator and social entrepreneur
  • Casey Forbes: co-founder and lead developer, Ravelry
  • Annalee Flower Horne: community processes and civic technology
  • Robert Kaye: founder, Musicbrainz open data project
  • Sheila Pham: public health specialist and communications strategist
  • Lydia Pintscher: product manager, Wikidata and free software community builder
  • Zara Rahman: project lead for the Open Development Toolkit
  • Jenny Scott Thompson: IT professional with expertise in Internet-focused non-profit organisations and inclusive open source projects
  • Celine Takatsuno: social entrepreneur with interests in health, data, and humanitarian open source projects

To read their full bios, see our team page.

We’d like to thank our advisors for joining us, and look forward to working with them!


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